The Manifest Award

Movadex: The Most Reviewed Creative Agency in Ukraine

Movadex was started as a creative agency and a software development company. Our goal is to provide our clients with stunning designs, branding, and marketing while also lending a hand to their development projects. We focus on fostering a great work ethic while being transparent about our legal and financial framework. Our market-centered approach mixes art and business in order to create groundbreaking solutions and strategies.

We started as a startup in 2016 and we slowly worked our way to the top. We started with a small agency that managed to blossom into an incredible group of like-minded individuals who are determined to bring the best services to the market.

A lot has happened in the past 5 years, and one that is certainly for the books is a recent award from The Manifest team. According to their recent press release, our company was able to secure a slot on 2021 The Manifest leader list for Ukraine.

We were recognized as one of the most reviewed creative agencies in Ukraine and we are very excited to share this amazing news with you. Check out the other top-performing B2B services providers on The Manifest’s website today.

Here is what our COO and Co-Founder Salome to receive this award:

“To be recognized by our clients is the highest award we can get. Movadex works endlessly to deliver revolutionary software products and we are beyond thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading development firms”

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