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May 19, 2022Managing Large ProjectsBest PracticesGet a few tips on how to manage large & complicated projects with the Movadex team
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Managing Large Projects
Get a few tips on how to manage large & complicated projects with the Movadex teamMay 19, 2022
customer relationsmanagement
Notion has been a staple in our agency for many reasons. It offers so much stuff, that there isn’t even a direct competitor that can come close. May 5, 2022
A designer’s magic wand. There are so many truly revolutionary platforms that have transformed the way development and design processes are done.April 11, 2022
Movadex Team in War
On February 24th, my life has changed forever. It was split in two: there’s only before and after.March 23, 2022
Top Mobile Development Trends of 2022
Let’s face it, we are all on our phones 24/7. Sorry to call you out like that, it’s sad but true.February 22, 2022
Outsourcing vs Outstaffing
With the shortages of talent that most companies are experiencing, the need for outsourcing and outstaffing is at its highest.February 8, 2022
Why UX is as Important as SEO
Many business owners have heard about SEO and think that it is the most important thing about their website’s performance. In reality, and especially after May 2021 Core Web Vitals update from Google, User Experience is just as important.February 7, 2022
Weekly Team Meetings
Is there even a possibility to make the weekly meetups good? There is absolutely no guarantee that everybody will be satisfied with them, some people hate them, while others use them to be more productive and organized. January 25, 2022
Movadex is a Proud Five-Star Vendor on Clutch!
This is a huge success to end 2021! We couldn’t be more proud to receive this momentous milestone, and we look forward to more achievements next year!January 19, 2022
Sales vs Customer Success
When you have worked in both sales and customer success, it’s easy to spot the difference between the two after some time...January 12, 2022
salescustomer relations
Movadex Awarded at TechBehemots
Movadex has received an award from TechBehemots in Web Design and Custom Software DevelopmentJanuary 5, 2022
Summary of the Year
Our team has prepared a quick overview of the year: we had a lot of good stuff done! Happy holidays to you all.December 28, 2021