Why work with us


We use Figma, an interactive design tool so you can see the progress and communicate with our designers in real time. Our PMs are SCRUM-certified and will ensure the project delivery is time- and cost-optimized so you can enjoy the flawless performance of your software in a timely manner.


We estimate the pricing using the standard workflow frameworks and offer various payment options. You will not come across any unexpected bills or hidden fees. Our legal team will provide you with service agreement, a detailed invoice, and an acceptance of transmission to ensure the transparency and your satisfaction.


We always emphasize the importance of forming a long-term partnership with our clients. That’s why we have a 97% retention rate. However, if you choose to terminate our collaboration and look for other services, you will receive proprietary rights over the source code through a full transmission of the materials.


Movadex merges art and business, offering a groundbreaking software outsourcing model at the best price on the market and at the highest quality standards. We work using an innovative client-centered approach allowing you to maximize the returns on your investment into the online presence of your company and establish branded digital mark.


We are proud to be recognized around the world as a top software development and design company in different areas and countries such as Switzerland, Ukraine, and others. Our team regularly participates in social software hackathons and hosts monthly internal competitions to foster learning environment for growing STEM generation around the world.

Our history

In 2016, we launch our first startup UPrice, an app that converts pricing using detection tools and machine learning. Startup raises investments and successfuly gain market share within a few months of operations. It is then, that we identify a market gap in outsourcing model and desice to start our agency to help entreprneurs around the world improve their digital presnece and enhance customer experience.

In 2017, we rebrand our software development shop to include design, R&D, marketing, and consulting services to provide full cycle support for our clients in one place. At this time, we are recognized by international rating agencies and start exponentially growing in size and revenues. We continue emphasizing creativity and improve our workflows daily to minimize the time and maximize efficiency and resource allocation.

In 2018, we start investing in startups and open divisions globally focused on enhancing startup ecosystem. We separate our services into launchpad for startups, standard outsourcing model, freelancing hub, and internal product development division. We establish partnerships with marketing agencies and R&D firms to upgrade services and increase the scale of our impact. Later that year, we successfully enter North American market and establish Movadex umbrella fund.

Our mission

Advance startup ecosystem to create better economic conditions

Revolutionize online world by upgrading digital presence

Aspire for excellence to secure high quality and flawless performance

Bridge IT services gap through transformative communication tools

Foster STEM education to positively impact future development and growth

Movadex teams

Team of developers

Team of developers

The team work closely with you accross all the development stages ensuring that the software runs smoothly and the user interface meets leading industry standards. Each professional know 5+ programming languages and full mastery of IDEs.

Team of designers

Team of designers

The designers guarantee that your user is asbolutely mesmerized by your product. Our specialists are trained according to AGILE and they utilize these tools once prototyping your flowcharts and wireframes. The process is not only fully optimized, but also highly engaging.

Team of public outreach

Team of public outreach

Public outreach works closely with our potential clients and partners providing all the information necessary to initiate the two-way conversation. The team is multi-lingual and is available 24/7, ensuring that anyone from around the world can reach us.

Team of client communication

Team of of client communication

Client communication group is responsible for any interaction with the client pre, during, and after the services are provided. With momentarily response rate, they ensure that clients are taken care of immediately and every question is addressed swiftly and professionally.

Team of project management

Team of project management

Our PMs not only oversee the clientele workflows but also ensure that our employees are learning every day and growign together with our company. SCRUM-sertified, they play an integral role to our successful operations.

Team of idea success

Team of idea success

Team of idea success works on validating and improving any ideas that enter the funnel. From itneral startups to client’s ideas, our team will conduct expedited analysis of the market and its potential and offer the best scenario for entering the market with the new idea.

Team of financial & accounting specialists

Team of financial & accounting specialists

Financial and accounting specialists are the backbone of our business. They offer world-class expertise in managing finances and help us to smooth bookkeeping and transaction processes. They are avaiable on-call to any of our client for further consultation.

Team of business analytics

Team of business analytics

Team of business analytics ensures that our internal and externa management is development daily. They also conduct case studies on all of our clients offering ways to improve an o the business aspect they find to be incomplete. They bring data management to the next level.